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Opium Luscious Shower Gel
Opium, a window into an imaginary world...THE BATH AND BODY RANGE: sensuous, refined rituals and voluptuous textures for a luxurious experience. The pleasure of a balanced, relaxing shower and generous, delicately perfumed foam. The creamy texture of the gel is enriched with Milk Thistle, a plant extract renowned for its relaxing qualities.


Deep, vibrant and intense, patchouli accompanies the floral note to create a mysterious and exciting trail which leaves quite a remarkable presence.


Opium Body Lotion
A sensual and silky lotion that envelops the skin with a moisturising protective veil that is lightly scented with Opium.


The top note, composed of nectarine and lychee, creates an exacerbated sparkling and fruity sensation. At the heart, the absolute femininity of a rose harmony, which invites violet blossom to the party. The base is unveiled inside assumed sensuality that nothing can hold back. Patchouli helps to retain the sophistication and elegance from which the Yves Saint Laurent woman never strays.


In Love Again
There is the early thrill, like a serious shake-up of the senses, produced by blackcurrant and mandarin. Then come the sparkle and tang created by the green, fruity and almost bittersweet notes of Muscat grape. The heart is floral, a delicate harmony of rose and peony.


YSL Paris Perfumed Body Lotion
A fresh and light fluid veil that glides over the skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised. This body milk, subtly perfumed and supplied in a dispensing bottle, is ideal for use after a shower or bath.


YSL Paris Perfumed Body Creme
The essential and sensual delight of a full-bodied, non-greasy crème. Paris Body Cream is a true moisturizing beauty treatment for the body, enriched with rose essential. It nourishes and moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth with the delicate fragrance of a powdered rose trail with a whole host of flowery and woody scents, a vibrant bouquet of elegance and romanticism: Violet - Rose of May - Sandalwood.


A fresh bergamot top note combined with cardamom radiates an almost electric energy. A potent sensation of energy, as central as a universe in perpetual motion.


Opium Rich Body Cream
Exquisite to the touch, the chiffon-like texture of this sumptuous body cream is undeniably rich. Silken qualities appear upon contact with skin, imparting suppleness and needed moisture…and leaving a trail of the overtly sensual scent of Opium.