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Kouros Eau De Toilette Spray
KOUROS, inspired by the gods of ancient Greece, is a fragrance of strength, triumphant masculinity and a conquering spirit. The resounding note of Coriander is enhanced by the energy of Bergamot and the virile power of Artemisia. The sensual Clove and floral notes of Jasmine then warm this complex and vibrant essence before Ambregris and Oakmoss complete the perfection of the trail. A divine and conquering spicy chypre fragrance with a powerful and intense trail. Coriander - Clove - Oakmoss.
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Body Kouros
A daring and modern reinterpretation of the KOUROS universe, The BODY KOUROS man takes care of his body, likes to provoke and play on his sexy, sensuous and very masculine image. The freshness of Eucalyptus contrasts with the spirituality of Incense. The provocative blend of Chinese Cedar and Mace gives way to Benzoin and Camphor Wood which envelop the skin in divine warmth.
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Kouros After Shave Lotion
Scented with Kouros, the fragrance of triumphant masculinity, this refreshing and toning lotion calms razor burn and softens the skin. A feeling of comfort and a subtle fragrance envelope your skin all day long.
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Kouros Silver Eau De Toilette

KOUROS SILVER, the new fragrance for living gods.

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Kouros Eau De Toilette Tonique
The fragrance of an Olympian, blazing with the glory of summer sun. Sparkling, aquatic and instantly invigorating, Kouoros Energizing Eau de Toilette infuses the vital energy of summer with the piercing freshness of the open sea. The first note is a fresh marine breeze combined with a splash of citrus, which yields to a masculine base of wood.
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