Forever Youth Liberator
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Forever Youth Liberator Eye Zone Serum
Discover Yves Saint Laurent's first ever Eye Zone serum featuring our patented Glycanactif™ complex. See the amazing results. -Upon application, eye zone area appears highlighted, smoother and feels firmer. -Dark circles appear diminished. -The eyes appear more youthful, and the skin around and below eyes looks more radiant.


Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Creme
FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is the 1st anti-ageing skincare by Yves Saint Laurent containing the Glycanactif™, a patented¹ combination of 3 glycans, to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.² SPF 15 CREME With SPF 15, this creme helps protect the skin against daily sun exposure. VISIBLE RESULTS Immediately, the skin looks more radiant, softer and more comfortable.


Forever Youth Liberator Serum
The star of the Forever Youth Liberator range, the Serum contains the highest concentration of Glycanactif™ , and is specially formulated to help restore your skin’s youthful beauty.

£66.00 - £86.00

Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape Creme
The first firming cream by Yves Saint Laurent, containing the Glycanactif Y™ complex, to improve the feel of firmness of the Y-Shape (face, neck, décolleté). Visible results: immediately, the skin feels more elastic. Day after day, the skin feels reinforced and smoother. After 1 month, facial skin feels firmer, plumped with moisture. The Y-Shape contours look more defined and sharper.Apply morning and evening on face, neck and décolleté. APPLY Take a small amount of the Y·SHAPE CREME on your finger and dab 5 points on the face and 4 on the neck and décolleté area. Smooth it from the centre toward the outside using your fingertips.   ACTIVATE & TARGET Y·PLUMPING MOVEMENT: To give back density & definition to the Y·ZONE. Put the base of palms on the cheeks to proceed to series of “vacuum pressures”. Move along the cheekbone lines. x2 Repeat going outwards from the corner of lips. X2 Hold the skin between the back of fingers. Glide fingers simultaneously and firmly along the line alternating pinching and gliding motions. X2 Place flat hands closed together at the centre of the décolleté. Glide them simultaneously on the throat (without pressing) up to the oval of face. With the base of the palms under the chin, embrace the lower part of the face with the length of the fingers. Model the oval by gliding firmly outwards. x2   SMOOTH LIFTING OF LIGHT: To eliminate toxins and boost skin radiance   Stroke horizontally with both hands from chin to forehead, finish down the neck. x2


Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème
FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is the 1st skincare by Yves Saint Laurent containing the Glycanactif™, a patented¹ combination of 3 glycans, to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.² EYE CREME An eye creme designed to refresh and relax the appearance of the eye area. VISIBLE RESULTS Immediately the skin around the eye contours looks smoother, feels suppler and appears soothed.


Forever Youth Liberator Cleansing Foam
A delicate cream that transforms into a dense, fine foam upon contact with water.


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