Discover how to apply YSL’s hottest products with this flawless bronzed makeup tutorial by Amelia Liana.


Step 1: Hydrate & moisturise your skin

Firstly apply the Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow, working it into the skin from the centre of the face and moving outwards. This is a great base for what to apply next!

Step 2: Form the perfect base with a primer

The next product is super exciting, the new Touche Éclat Colour Correcting Blur Primer which comes in three shades. The blue, which fights sallowness on fair skin, the pink is to fight dullness, then orange for dark imperfections on more tanned skin.


Step 3: Brighten your skin with colour correcting neutralisers

Next, use the Touche Éclat Neutralisers. The apricot counteracts bags or veins under the eye. The green counteracts redness, and violet is great for brightening the skins overall complexion. Using the apricot, swipe the neutraliser from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, use the green around the nose area and the violet on the cheekbones. You can see instantly how much it brightens you skin!

Step 4: Apply foundation to get a dewy glow

Next, the Touché Éclat All-In-One Glow Foundation. Pump onto the back of your hand and use a foundation brush to apply it onto your face. It is a medium but buildable coverage and smooths over your skin beautifully, really eliminating dullness and keeps the skin hydrated all day!


Step 5: Move on to your eyes

Moving onto eyes, use the Full Metal Shadow in shade 3. The Full Metal Shadows act as a great base for applying more eyeshadow, or they can be used by themselves. After using the Full Metal Shadow as a base, then use the Couture Variation palette, applying a mixture of shimmers and matte eyeshadows.

Step 6: Bronze and Blush

Follow by bronzing the face using the iconic Les Sahariennes Bronzer creating the classic ‘three’ shape with your brush on each side of the face. Then use the peach coloured Blush which ties the look together for a glowy skin complexion.


Step 7: Highlight

Then use the Touché Éclat Glow Shot, a liquid highlighter. Pat the highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones using your finger. It picks the light up beautifully, adding a youthful look to the skin.

Step 8: Finish your look with
flawless & natural lips

Lastly are the new Volupte lip colour balms. Firstly use the Night Rehab lip mask, letting it fully sink in for a few minutes. This really moisturises and smooths your lips, preparing for some colour on your lips. Now you can choose from the numerous shades in the Volupte Lip Colour balm range, depending on how you want to finish your look!


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