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Welcome to the future, where you can create personalised lipstick shades at home, for real. All thanks to our innovative device, YSL Rouge Sur Mesure, the first ever custom lipstick printer that can create thousands of shades of YSL Velvet Cream Matte Finish Lipstick with Perso patented technology. At the push of a button, the sleek beauty device will create the lipstick shade of your choice. Your personalised lipstick in the perfect shade is then dispensed into a YSL signature palette that you can take with you for gorgeous lips all day.

One for the makeup fanatics and lipstick lovers, Rouge Sur Mesure connects to an app and even gives you the futuristic ability to shade match your lips to your outfit. Not to mention, thousands of different lipstick colours at the touch of a button.


1. First up, you’ll need to insert your lipstick cartridges into the Rouge Sur Mesure. The cartridges come in a pack of three – choose a shade universe - either Nudes, Oranges, Reds or Pinks. Purchase all four and you’ll have 4000 options available, yes that’s 4000 possible lipsticks meaning you can find the exact shade everyday for every activity. 

2. Next, download the YSL App from the App store or Google Play. Three options for choosing your colour means maximum control. The first is Shade Wheel – you’ll see a colour wheel and you can pinpoint custom shades to virtually try on before creating them with your Rouge Sur Mesure.

3. Try Shade Match which lets you scan any item, for example a book cover or a skirt and then create a matching lipstick. It’s useful if you want to match your lips to your shoes or your coat, recreate a now discontinued favourite or if you’ve fallen head over heels for a very particular depth of shade that’s impossible to find (we've been there). Shade Stylist lets you take a selfie of your look before recommending a personalised lip shade to match or clash depending on the impact you want to make.

4. Once you’ve decided on the lipstick colour you desire, click Confirm and then Create. Your new dose of lipstick will slowly come out on top of the device into the palette. If you love the colour, and why wouldn’t you? You can click Save to shade closet meaning you can create it again whenever you wish.

5. Now you simply mix the pigment together with the lip brush provided and apply to your lips. The YSL quilted palette can be removed from the device so you can take your luxurious compact wherever you go and touch up your lips with your own unique shade.

The creamy matte formula is long-lasting, comfortable and in the perfect shade for you. It’s a lipstick-wearer’s dream come true.


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