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Pinning down his perfect gift is a famously gruelling pursuit, particularly when it comes to fragrance. He knows what he likes (or more specifically, what he doesn’t), and he will not — and should not — settle for less. Luckily, our world-renowned fragrance collection includes scents to suit all tastes. But which one is he? Find the fragrance that fits his profile to hit the right note first time…


Y Eau de Parfum

He likes: bold, fresh, fruity

 “If you hate attention, do not get this”

You’ve probably heard the rumours, and they’re true — this is not a scent for the faint hearted. A powerful, bold and fresh balance of light and dark facets, Y Eau de Parfum’s overriding essence of lavender, geranium and cedarwood is only fit for he who dares to pave his own way. Your rebellious brother, perhaps? Or the father that goes against the grain? Undercut with a youthful sweetness of juicy green apple, juniper and warm tonka bean, an unexpected strike of vetiver drives this fragrance to maximum intensity, mirroring the distinctive “Why not?” attitude of its audacious wearer. Passionate and impulsive, taking risks is what he does best — so, when it comes to gifting, take it from him… and how could you go wrong?


Y Le Parfum

He likes: woody, smooth, intense


   “A scent that grows with the evening”

A dark fougère with a cologne quality, this intense take on the iconic Y signature is poised to take on the night. If he’s most alive when the lights go down, this one’s for him. In Y Le Parfum, smooth and vibrant chords of lavender and geranium bloom after dark, backlit with a minty radiance and the comforting warmth of incense. This man owns his dark side and charms all that cross his path, commanding a scent that lasts just as long as he does. Its up-close reveal is just as sweet as it is from afar — best at home on a date or late-night dancing.


Le Vestiaire des Parfums - Tuxedo

He likes: spicy, amber, elegant


   “Confidence and maturity in a bottle”

The idea behind this fragrance was conceived in 1966, when Yves Saint Laurent reinvented the tuxedo for womenswear. Paying homage to a momentous moment, this scent is our take on sartorial; for whom only the best will do. As a gift, it’s a token of utmost respect, oozing refinement with rich and decadent notes that mimic the garment’s interplay of fabric; smoky patchouli for the matte grain de poudre, luminous black pepper and spices for the satin’s shine. The overall effect is lasting and timeless, feeling new with every wear — made for the achingly sophisticated father that’s impossible to please, or the partner who has everything.


La Nuit de l’Homme Eau de Toilette

He likes: fresh, clean, Oriental


   “Comes alive on cold nights and in date settings”

He already radiates charisma, and this fragrance only boosts his warmth. Never a fan of “too much”, he likes his fragrances unsuspecting with a certain from-the-shower freshness — enter La Nuit de l’Homme. This fragrance is — like its wearer — electric, seductive and multifaceted, opening with clean yet spicy bergamot and drying down to a cosy bed of cardamom, coumarin and cedar. Like a glass of champagne, this scent’s notes are best read when chilled — save gifting it for Christmas, or a hot date on a cool night in spring or autumn.


L’Homme Eau de Toilette

He likes: floral, spicy, sensual


   “A huge compliment getter from both men and women”

The wearer of this fragrance is unapologetically himself. To him, the fast pace of the city feels like home, and his nonchalant nature makes urban living a breeze. To match his lifestyle, L’Homme is versatile, moving from a sharp zing of citrus and ginger to florals, then resting on woods. A scent of magnificent juxtapositions, but — crucially for him — unpretentious, it blurs the lines between masculine and elegant, commercial and luxury, unrefined and precious so seamlessly that its exact appeal is hard to pinpoint. This one works best as a thank you, or a gift to a loved one whose authenticity you admire. But, be warned— it will take some restraint not to steal it for yourself.

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