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From iconic reds to irresistible nudes, dare to dress your lips with the boldest long-lasting matte lipsticks from YSL Beauty.

A glowing, dewy complexion is what we strive for, but what happens when this crosses over into high-shine territory? We all produce a natural material called sebum that protects and moisturises the skin. Whether it’s due to hormonal changes, genetics, or the weather, sometimes sebum production goes into overdrive. This excess sebum can then lead to oily skin concerns like enlarged pores, acne, and a shiny T-zone.

On top of these concerns that people with oily skin are likely familiar with, makeup also tends to wear away faster on oily skin.

Searching for full coverage foundation that stays in place for a flawless all-day finish? We’re here to help. Read on for our top application tips and makeup hacks for oily skin.

Prepping oily skin for full coverage foundation

No matter your skin type, makeup application should always start with cleansing. This is more important than ever for oily skin types. You’ll want a targeted skincare routine that addresses excess oil production from the start, with products that help control oil.

Look for pore-refining products like our Pure Shots Clean Reboot cleanser to strip away impurities and replenish the skin’s natural barrier. It leaves you with a clean slate for full coverage foundation. Don’t skip the moisturiser – hydration is more important than ever when you have oily skin. Try a lightweight, non-greasy formula like YSL Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Nutri-Cream that absorbs quickly into the skin to leave it clear, calm and supple.

Choosing the right full coverage foundation for oily skin

What’s the best full coverage foundation for oily skin? If you’re prone to a shiny complexion, there are a few tips that can help when it comes to choosing a foundation.

Firstly, mattifying makeup is the way to go. Cream or liquid foundations tend to slide off the face and can cause issues like creasing and caking.

You’ll want full coverage matte foundation for oily skin designed to absorb this excess oil and help control shine. Look for breathable, high-performing formulas designed to stay put throughout the day.

Our All Hours Liquid Foundation is a top choice thanks to its super-fine pigments, giving you a luminous matte finish. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid for all-day hydration, reducing your skin’s need to increase sebum production. And with 24-hour waterproof wear, it cuts down on the need for touch-ups.

Applying full coverage foundation on oily skin

Once you’ve compared your options and chosen the best full coverage foundation for oily skin, it’s time to apply it.

Step 1: Prime your face

A radiant finish always starts with cleansed, moisturised skin. The next step is to use a primer to create an ultra-smooth canvas for your makeup. Try Touche Éclat YSL Blur Primer to blur and illuminate skin with a cooling gel formulation.

Step 2: Start from the centre

To unify your skin tone with a smooth, mattifying layer, start at the centre of your face. Use your fingertips or a makeup brush to apply foundation with a gentle dabbing gesture, gliding upwards and outwards.

Step 3: Blend with buildable layers

For natural to medium coverage, use a makeup brush or sponge to blend a light layer of foundation into your skin. Go for sheer, thin layers until you’ve reached the level of coverage you prefer. Try using gentle blotting motions to press the product into your skin, rather than smearing it.

Setting full coverage foundation on oily skin

Although the best full coverage foundation for oily skin is self-setting, you’ll still want to lock in your look with a setting spray or powder. For staying on top of oil prone skin, pressed powder is hard to beat. YSL All Hours Setting Powder does the trick nicely with 24-hour shine control and lightweight, buildable coverage. It comes with a handy two-sided applicator – turn to the white fluffy side for easy touch-ups.

Full coverage foundation hacks for oily skin

Apart from using full coverage matte foundation for oily skin, here are a few ways to combat makeup slips and excess shine.

1. Prime your eyes

Excessive oil not only messes with your foundation, it also impacts your eye makeup. To prevent oily skin from ruining your classic winged eye, be sure to apply an eye primer to help eyeshadow and liner stay in place.

2. Carry blotting paper

Pressed powder is a must to throw in your handbag, but blotting papers are also a clever choice for on-the-go touch-ups. You can blot away excess oil as it builds up throughout the day, then touch up your coverage using the powder compact.

3. Try the layered look

Another top tip is to layer powder both under and over your foundation. We know one of the difficulties with wearing foundation when your skin has some excess oil is makeup sliding off the skin. These layers of powder help prevent that by creating an effective barrier. Customise your look by using translucent setting powder, following up with a brightening powder for extra coverage.

With long-lasting, mattifying makeup, there’s no need to let oily skin stop you from achieving your full coverage look. Don’t settle for foundations that slip, slide, and crease. Follow our tips and use YSL full coverage matte foundations for oily skin to create looks that stay all day. You can also find the best formula with our foundation finder tool – for gorgeous makeup that suits your skin.

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