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There’s a lot more you can do with concealer than hiding imperfections. Here are a few tips on how to apply concealer and get the most out of it:

1. Sharpen & Brighten Features

If you have ever wondered how to apply concealer under eyes, apply a small amount in an outwards sweeping motion and blend with a brush or your ring finger to lift dark circles and brighten the wider eye area. To sharpen features, use Touche Eclat Illuminating pen on high points of the face including nose, cheekbones & brow bone and blend for a lifted, brighter complexion.

2. Define your brows

Concealer is your brows best friend, concealer can be used as a finishing touch when adding definition to brows. Using a concealer that matches your foundation, you can sharpen the edges of your brows, and if you want them to really stand out, use a lighter shade of concealer around the brows to highlight them.

3. Instant Eyeliner Eraser

If you’re going for a winged eyeliner look, but you’re worried about precision – don’t be. Here, Alex demonstrates how to use concealer as a great way to fix any eyeliner mistakes. Use Touche Eclat Illuminating pen to tidy up your liner without having to wipe off mistakes and start over.

4. Invisible Lip Liner

Touche Eclat Illuminating Pen can be used to trace around the lip to help define and enhance the sharpness of the lips

Lipstick is the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look but creating a precise finish can be hard, especially if you’re using a bold lip shade. Use your concealer to tidy any lipstick mistakes or accentuate your lip line. Apply to the cupids bow and around the edges of your lips where lipstick can sometimes feather. Thanks to the illuminating formula this concealer will also brighten the lip area, creating the appearance of fuller lips.

5. Use it as eye primer

You can use concealer as a primer before applying eyeshadow. Dabbing a bit of concealer along your upper eyelid will give you a good base for eyeshadow that’s less likely to fade. 

6. Use it to contour or as a bronzer

Use a darker concealer as an alternative to cream contour. Go for a cool-toned concealer that’s a couple of shades darker than your skin tone, or use a warmer toned concealer if you want to use it as a bronzer. 

7. Mix it

Concealer is versatile, and works great mixed with other products. If you’re low on foundation, create a mixture with a small bit of foundation and a light concealer. Combine concealer and highlighter to hide any puffiness in your face, and you can also mix concealer with a moisturiser to add a bit of tint to a natural, radiant look. 

Watch Alex, one of our YSL National makeup artists demonstrate her top 5 favourite ways to use concealer



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