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Applying foundation on dry skin can be a difficult predicament. Avoid any difficulty by following our guide on how to apply full coverage foundation to dry skin.


Full coverage foundation, or high coverage foundation, is designed to cover your face completely, and it can last all day without any trouble. So, you can apply your makeup routine in the morning and expect your foundation to stay in place all day without any stress.​

Even if you have dry skin, you can use full coverage foundation, incorporating it into your usual skin care routine. Here’s how to do so. ​


Do your best to eliminate dry patches before applying your foundation. Exfoliating can help here, getting rid of dry patches and flakes.


Try our Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum each night before you go to bed. Enriched with moonlight cactus flower extract from Morocco and 3.4% glycolic acid, it’ll gently exfoliate your skin each night to help eliminate dry patches and keep your skin hydrated. ​

You’ll not only rid your skin of dry patches and flakes, but you’ll look as if you’ve had a full night’s sleep too, your skin appearing smoother and more refined. ​

To tackle dry patches, other options include moisturising regularly, patting rather than rubbing your skin dry with a towel, and using warm rather than hot water when you’re in the bath or shower. 


Of course, it’s important for everybody to hydrate their skin, but it’s particularly crucial when it comes to dry skin. A serum will help, but don’t forget to use our Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion alongside it. It contains orange blossom extract and is formulated with vitamin E and B3, so every drop delivers thousands of encapsulated water-oil droplets that deliver hydration. Apply the lotion in the morning to get your skin care routine started. 

You may want to consider our Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Cream too. It also contains orange blossom extract, alongside ribose, and has a rich and bouncy texture while melting into your skin when applied to nourish and hydrate. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, you can use the cream in the morning or at night so it can fit into your skin care routine. ​

If you have dry skin, it’s worth using a brush or sponge to apply your foundation, rather than your fingertips. This is because they help the foundation glide onto the face to reduce the risk of rubbing your skin, causing flaking or disrupting any dry patches. ​

To assist your makeup in gliding onto your skin smoothly, try using our Touche Éclat Blur Primer. This illuminating gel primer helps to even the look of your skin tone and create a canvas for your makeup with advanced blurring technology. Plus, it’s easy to apply. Just squeeze one pump of the primer to the back of your hand, and with the brush apply it with gentle sweeping motions outward from the centre of the face. Leave it to melt into your skin for 10 seconds before applying your foundation. 


If you’re looking to use a high coverage foundation on your dry skin, try our All Hours Foundation. The breathable, weightless formula provides up to 24 hours of full coverage and a flawless complexion. The formula is infused with Hyaluronic acid for all day hydration. With this foundation, you’ll get a luminous matte look.


To keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, use our Nu Dewy Mist. Providing up to eight hours of hydration and a non-sticky finish, the spray can be used over makeup to hydrate and revitalise skin and it's suitable for sensitive skin too. It’s infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid as well as jojoba oil and pomegranate extract, making it ideal for dry skin. ​

Now you know how to apply foundation on dry skin, why not take another look at our All Hours Foundation?

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