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Everything you need to know about mascara

Everything you need to know about mascara

Mascara is one of the most popular makeup items on the planet, and for good reason. Formulated to enhance natural eyelashes, mascara helps lashes to look longer and thicker and highlights the natural beauty of the eyes. There are many different types of mascara formulas out there, so read on to learn all about them and find the right one for your eyes. 

Lengthening, Volumizing and Curling

Choosing the right mascara for your makeup routine really begins with getting to know your own natural lashes and thinking
about the look you want to achieve.

Mascara Preparation

Prepping your lashes with lash primer before mascara can help to amplify the effects of your mascara. Reach for our Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Flash Primer to create an instant curl and make lashes look longer and thicker. The enriched formula with Ceramid R and Panthenol, helps lashes to feel nourished and healthy, and makes your YSL mascara wear for longer. 

Party Time Lashes

Sometimes you just want dramatic wow lashes and that’s when a buildable formula like Lash Clash can help. Apply as many coats of mascara as you like to create incredible lashes. Our tip – let each coat dry before applying the next. Our most dramatic lash formula Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical is a shortcut to a dramatic false-lash effect. A rich carbon black colour playoff and a formula enriched with walnut oil makes this formula a global bestseller. 

Black, Brown, Blue or Burgundy?

Mascara comes in lots of different shades, though black is the most popular because it suits everyone and makes lashes look bolder. A soft brown mascara will dial down the drama while still highlighting lashes more subtly. To bring out your natural eye colour, try a mascara colour that contrasts with your eye shade. For example, blue eyes look even bluer with brown mascara, hazel eyes pop with purple mascara, green eyes look brighter in burgundy mascara while brown eyes suit blue mascara

Removing mascara

Sleeping in mascara is not good for eyes or lashes so always remove with a dedicated makeup remover (even when it’s very late!). Our Top Secrets Toning and Cleansing Water is a fast and efficient micellar water that dissolves mascara with ease. Moisten a cotton pad and use gentle downward strokes to remove mascara. 


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