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  How to Switch Up Your Fragrance for Summer

When the weather warms up and the summer season kicks in, it’s natural to think about switching up your fragrance for something lighter and fresher. Perfume actively works with heat, bringing out different notes as the skin warms. Rich scents don’t just smell too heavy in the summer, they also develop on the skin quicker, which means the strong notes can seem overwhelming. Summer is a great time to try a fruity, uplifting fragrance, floral scent or fresh and citrusy scent as these lightweight fragrances smell just right in warmer weather. It's also a great time to start building a fragrance wardrobe. Choosing seasonal fragrances mean that each time the summer rolls around, you can spritz your summer scent and be entranced by happy memories. 

Fresh Summer Fragrance

When you want a summer fragrance with a twist, our  Black Opium Eau de Parfum Illicit Green will transport you to exotic destinations. A zesty take on the Black Opium signature, this fresh scent is energising and inspired by the world of mixology. A bold and unique collaboration between Black Opium Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson, and award-winning Parisian mixologist Margot Lecarpentier. Together, they twisted Black Opium’s original captivating floral gourmand scent with juicy green mandarin and creamy fig accord, making for a vibrant mocktail-inspired fragrance that invigorates all the senses. Energizingly fresh, just as captivating, and always with the unique YSL edge. 

Floral Summer Fragrance 

A summer classic, floral fragrances really bloom as the weather warms up. Just like real flowers that fill gardens and meadows during the summer months, floral fragrances are uplifting and beautiful thanks to gorgeous floral notes. Try our lighter, fresher take on the Libre signature fragrance with Libre Eau de Toilette, a floral scent with citrus notes. A twist on the original blend of lavender and orange blossom, this light fragrance brings in androgynous white tea accord, revealing a modern and bright fragrance full of sensuality. 

Fruity Summer Fragrance  

Perfectly ripe fruit in sunny climes is one of the summer’s greatest pleasures, and fruity scents can transport you straight there. Energising, uplifting and no longer overly sweet, the best fruity fragrances are sophisticated, crisp and unusual. Try Black Opium Eau de Parfum NeonA vibrant spin on the original Black Opium Eau de Parfum with signature coffee notes enhanced by luminous dragon fruit. The adrenaline-rich coffee gives way to a heart of jasmine and orange blossom, teamed with juicy dragon fruit tingling with radiance, and enveloped by vanilla and white musk, making for a women’s perfume that is both couture and edgy. 

Make summer scents last longer   

 Once you find your perfect fragrance for summer, you'll want to ensure you can enjoy it! While it’s true that summer can make fragrance notes disappear quickly from the skin, these tips will ensure your scent stays on longer. 

Prep is everything  

Fragrance will usually last longer on skin that has been moisturised but beware mixing scents. Choose either a fragrance-free body lotion, or layer with a matching scented moisturiser for even longer lasting fragrance. 

Don’t rub wrists together ​

Instead, lightly mist both wrists and wait a few seconds to let your perfume dry down. ​

Stay cool  ​

When we sweat, our natural skin oils can disrupt perfume and breakdown scents, so it disappears faster. ​

Spritz on the go  ​

Keep a mini with you and top up your fragrance whenever yo

Whether you’re searching for a sweet perfume for her, a musky perfume for him or a fresh perfume for yourself, our scent-sational range has got something for everyone. Head over to our fragrances page to find your perfect fit.


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