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What beauty lover isn’t partial to trying out a makeup trend? Whether you’re exploring your way into autumn or looking to lighten up winter, you’ll need a makeup look worthy of endless seasonal celebrations. And you’ll want to keep it current. Here’s how:

Juicy Lips​

For those who prefer to take the low-commitment route, try lips with bounce (the ‘90s, we’re looking to you). Why do we back this look? Not only for the pout appeal, but because lips doused in oils mean all the hydration you can get, which is an offer we can’t refuse.​


Most importantly, we want our lips to be smooth, so exfoliation before lip colour is a crucial step. Use a washcloth to gently scrub away all traces of dry skin, creating a perfectly buffed base for gloss. ​


There are two ways to wear this look: the first is sugar-sweet. This translucent, jelly-like glossy balm oozes nostalgia, so we vote Rouge Volupte Candy Glaze: a playful lollipop lacquer for a colour-saturated pout with syrupy shine. Plus super-hydrating hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and plant oils and extracts.


Alternatively try Vernis A Levres Vinyl Cream Lip Gloss  with creamy colour and light-reflecting shine to make lips appear voluptuous, and also packed with ingredients that promise lasting comfort.

Midnight Liner

The fun flash of colour is here to stay. Coloured corners, fine lines, mini wings and graphic designs are all eyeliner forms of art in season. So, for this look, consider your eyes the canvas, and get experimental. For those new to unconventional colour, blue is a safe way to go bold — still close enough to your comfort zone, and complementary to all eye colours and skin tones. Try Crushliner in Bleu Enigmatique: an inky midnight blue pencil that illuminates all eye colours.​

The New Smoky Eye

The autumn eyeshadow look this year is smoky, sleek, subtle, feline, and — in contrast to past smoky eye looks — one hundred percent wearable. The recipe is simple: a matte bark brown, ‘90s tightlines and black power lashes. And, it requires only three ingredients: brown eyeshadow, a black eyeliner pencil and a lengthening and volumising mascara. Enter Lash Clash Smokey Eye Bundle, which gives you the best of all three: Crushliner Waterproof LinerCrush Mono Eyeshadow and Lash Clash Mascara.


Glowing Skin

It appears impossibly plump. It’s bouncy, it’s radiant, and it’s as smooth as can be. It’s glass skin 2.0. From cloud, to Jello, to glazed, the buzzwords used to describe the firm-yet-soft skin finish we cannot resist are the subject of countless skincare hacks that promise to lock in moisture. Whichever one you stuck with, here’s the routine that should follow. Can you guess? It starts — and ends — with lashings of hydration:​


1. Pure Shots Light Up Serum: Work up instant skin radiance with micro-pearls, mallow flower and vitamin C ​

2. NU Bare Look Skin Tint: Harness a naturally perfect skin finish with seamless coverage, hydrating ingredients and a dewy water-gel texture​

3.NU Lip & Cheek Balmy Tint: Flush up your cheeks and nose with your chosen blush pink in this natural-look hydrating balm​

4.NU Dewy Mist: Turn up the glow, plump and blur blemishes with hyaluronic acid and brightening plant extracts​

The Blazing Lip​

The bold red lip gets even redder, just in the nick of time for party season. If anything needs heating up, it’s this winter. Think the classic crimson you know and adore, turned up so high, it’s almost alight. The best over-saturated reds are flat-pigmented mattes, where colour is unadulterated: try Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Lipstick for a heavy leather matte finish. ​


We get it. Its hard to find the perfect makeup match in one go. From shade to finish there’s a lot to consider. That’s why we’ve unlocked the power of AI, allowing you to try on the product — virtually — before you commit to buying it.

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