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How to Build a Mascara Wardrobe

How to Build a Mascara Wardrobe

While it’s tempting to reach for your same old favourite mascara every day, it’s worth building a mascara wardrobe so you can have a variety of options. Keeping at least a classic black mascara and a volumising mascara on hand is a good start. Lashes can make or break a makeup look so varying the finish with different mascara formulas is key. ​

Start with a lash serum  

A gamechanger for lash lovers, a lash serum like our Volume Effet Faux Cils Flash Primer is a great building block for your mascara wardrobe. Like serum for your skin, apply this silky, lightweight lash serum before mascara everyday to condition, hydrate, strengthen and reinforce lashes. The rich formula contains pro-vitamin B5, argan oil and walnut leaf extract from the YSL Ourika Gardens in Morocco, and encourages lash growth. The double payoff means that you’ll also find your mascara performs even better with truer colour and longer looking lashes. 

Everyday dream mascara  

Choose a do-it-all lengthening mascara like Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils which boosts length, volume and curl. The buildable formula means you can customise how dramatic you want your lashes to look. A single swipe will plump, elongate and volumize, while several coats will lead to a dramatic lash boost with longer looking, thick and bold eyelashes. 

When you want volume  

When you want volume  

Turn to Lash Clash Mascara for volume that is extreme! You’ll enjoy your own lashes but plumped with 200% more volume thanks to our innovative oil-in-water wax formula. If you love feathery lashes, no clumps and rich colour, then this volumizing mascara deserves a place in your mascara wardrobe. ​ 


The one for curl 

Innovative science is behind the curling power of our bestselling curl holding mascara,Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils The Curler. With its exclusive rich and comfortable formula alongside a curved elastomer comb on each side AND the rounded fibre mascara wand, you’ll enjoy both definition and curl. 

For lashes that say wow   

When you want the biggest lashes imaginable, you need Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical. This false lash effect mascara makes your lashes high drama with unbelievable volume and the richest, carbon black colour payoff. Lashes still feel soft, fluttery, and comfortable thanks to the caring formula which contains walnut leaf, argan oil and B5 pro-vitamin. 

Mascara Wardrobe FAQs

How do you make mascara look perfect? 

Start with a coat of our lash primer Volume Effet Faux Cils Flash Primer and wait about a minute before applying your first coat of mascara. Next, take your mascara and start applying at the root of the lash on the outside of the eye. Apply the brush to the lash, pushing upwards & outwards at the same time with a zig-zag type of movement. On the inner & bottom lashes, use just the tip of the brush and apply to individual lashes. 

How do you layer mascara? 

Apply your first coat, then wait about 30 seconds before applying the next coat. To prevent clumping, run the brush through the tip of the bottle repeatedly to remove excess formula and apply in zig-zag motions to separate lashes.

How many coats of mascara should I use? 

For a natural, but defined look 2 coats of a mascara such as our Lash Clash Mascara should give your lashes colour and volume. For a more dramatic look build up to 5 coats. 

What colour mascara should I choose? 

Black mascara is a firm favourite that helps lashes to look more defined. Your perfect mascara might be brown in colour as this can look more natural and make lashes appear soft and romantic. Bright colours like purples or blues complement some eye makeup looks and will fit seamlessly into your beauty routine while giving your look something new.


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